CAR-T Cell Therapy


CLM-103(YYB103) is a modified IL13-ligand-based chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell, targeting IL-13 receptor α chain variant 2 (IL13Rα2) for the treatment of GBM.

IL13Rα2 is over-expressed in the majority of GBM tumors (>60%) but not expressed on normal brain tissue and at very limited amount on other normal tissues. So it is an very attractive target for CAR-T cell therapy.

Phase I clinical study is planned in Korea

Mechanism of Action

IL13Rα2 expression is closely associated with that of the mesenchymal GBM subtype and is a prognostic indicator of poor patient survival. This provides the rationale for the development of CAR T cells targeting IL13Rα2.

YYB103, modified IL-13 ligand CAR-T cells, showed strong IL13Rα2-specific effector function with minimal effect on IL13Rα1 expressed normal cells in in vitro test. By this unique design of the tumor targeting domain, we expect that YYB103 have more favorable safety profiles.

YYB103 showed potent anti-cancer activity in mouse orthotopic GBM model by monotherapy or combination with TMZ.

Technical Advantages

Existing Problems Our Technology Advantages
Efficacy Optimized CAR design and dosing regimen. Excellent efficacy even IV injection as well as ICV or IT injection
Safety IL-13 sequence that allows for increased affinity to IL13Rα2
and decreased binding to IL13Rα1.
Increased tumor specificity
Dosing Route I.V. More convenient and safe than competitors

Mechanism of Action